Passat to Galena

Passat to Galena

style and practicality to work things out. At last, we’re presented with an automobile that combines the road feel of a sports car, acceleration of a small jet and high-tech refinements of the Mars Rover with the spaciousness of a family sedan, smart instrumentation, classic good taste and green zone energy efficiency. Built in Chattanooga, Tennessee, it’s no surprise that Passat captured the coveted 2012 Motor Trend Car of the Year Award.

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247 N. Main St., Galena 

(815) 777-3735

Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa

Hwy. 20 at The Galena Territory

444 Eagle Ridge Drive, Galena 

(815) 777-5000

Galena/Jo Davies 

County Convention

& Business Bureau

(877) 464-2536

The Grant House 

500 Bouthillier St., Galena 

(815) 777-3310

One Eleven Main

111 N. Main St., Galena 

(815) 777-8030

Stone House Pottery & Gallery

418 Spring St., Galena 

(815) 777-0354