Parisi says it’s not the right time for County Board salary increases

Parisi says it’s not the right time for County Board salary increases

The Dane County Board approved a pay raise for itself at a meeting Thursday night. While most people are usually pretty happy when they find out they’re getting a raise, the 33 percent increase isn’t sitting well with everyone.

A 26-to-six vote gave the board of supervisors and other county officials a pay raise that will start in 2018, and be phased in over three years. Dane County Executive Joe Parisi said that with the recent federal elections and Republican majorities in both houses of the state, he’s fearful local government will see budget cuts and isn’t stable enough for salary increases.

“If we’re looking at the potential of further budget cuts why in the world would we elect to give ourselves a raise right now? It doesn’t really seem like the right thing to do, so I have serious concerns about (it),” Parisi said.

County board chair Sharon Corrigan said the raise is justified by the fact that since 2008, supervisors’ pay has remained stagnant, while other positions including the county executive have seen increases. Corrigan said she was surprised by Parisi’s concerns.

“I’ve never heard a word from the county executive or his staff asking we not increase his salary. He could’ve contacted me as late as yesterday afternoon and we could’ve reduced it in the proposal,” Corrigan said. “His salary today is $25,000 higher than the salary were it was in 2008 and I haven’t seen him moving to give his salary back.”

Supervisors will see their pay go up $3,000. Parisi’s salary will increase by $11,000 over the same period.

This will take a total of about $100,000 out of the county budget.