Parisi proposes 33-acre, $418K parks purchase

Two Dane County parks may be adding to their acres at a combined cost of $418,000.

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi said Thursday that he would like to add an 18-acre property to Donald County Park, which is in the town of Sprindale, and a 15-acre area on Rice Lake in the town of Albion to Silverwood County Park.

In news release, Parisi said the Donald County Park addition would include lands restored into a prairie and will improve the network of trails that winds through the park. The Donald County Park will also make way for a new public road frontage into the 700-acre park, which Parisi said is a popular destination for horseback riding, trout fishing, hiking and picnicking.

The Silverwood Park addition would include 1,000 feet of frontage on Rice Lake.

Parisi said the added acres would help protect water quality and improve public access to lakes.

The the Dane County Board will consider approving the park additions Thursday night, Parisi said.