Pam Keiner | Maly Roofing Company, Inc.

Exceptional Women 2020
Maly Roofing
Pam Keiner, Maly Roofing Company, Inc.

Owning a commercial roofing company as a woman is not the norm.

Being a woman leader in the commercial roofing industry requires hard work and resilience, said Pam Keiner, owner of Maly Roofing.

“For 21 years I’ve been determined to prove that it is possible for women to exist in the roofing industry.”

In 2013, she was recognized at her first roofing conference for her success as one of four women contractors from across the country. Although the accolades were deserved, Keiner is most proud of her team’s accomplishments.

“We’ve worked at the Madison Library and The Edgewater Boathouse Patio. It gives me great pride knowing we can thrive in the industry and make a difference in the Madison community,” Keiner said.

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