Packers running back Jones goes back to (high) school

Third-year back works to be a better receiver

Packers third-year running back Aaron Jones wants to be a bigger factor in the Green Bay passing attack. This offseason, he went to El Paso (Jones played college football at UTEP) to workout with a select group of quarterbacks… high school quarterbacks. Jones said he worked on “bad ball drills” and improving his overall catching ability.

And the high school kids didn’t mind working out with an NFL starter.

“They played it cool at first, and then after they’re like ‘Can I take a picture?’ I said ‘Of course,'” Jones said. “I took them to go get some smoothies after. It was pretty cool. I’m just out there showing they’re no different from me. If they put in the work, they can make it as well.”

Jones caught 26 passes in 2018, up from 9 his rookie season.

Jones also said he’s cut out candy and chips from his diet. While he says fruits and almonds might not taste as good as junk food, Jones said his body feels a lot better.

“You can definitely feel the difference after about a month. Your body’s just running off of that energy. You can feel a difference.”