Packers getting closer to honoring Favre

This will either infuriate Green Bay Packers fans or make them happy: Team president Mark Murphy believes the team is closer to honoring former quarterback Brett Favre by retiring his number. Although no date has been set, and Murphy indicated it might not be this season, Murphy believes the first step toward mending the fences was Favre’s appearance with current quarterback Aaron Rodgers during the NFL awards ceremony at the Super Bowl last month. Favre and Rodgers appeared on stage together and had an purposefully awkward yet humorous exchange about how Rodgers succeeded Favre as the Packers quarterback. “I thought that was great,” Murphy said. “It was kind of a good first step, and our intent all along is we want to bring him back into the family and retire his number. He deserves it.” Murphy would not commit to a date and said there has been no contact between the two parties since the Super Bowl. “It’s got to be sitting down, the organization, whether it’s myself or others, sitting down with him and working on the timing of it,” Murphy said.