Overture Center sustains significant damage from hit-and-run crash, graffiti, vandalism over weekend

Overture Center Back Before
Photo by Sarah Frautschi
Spray paint on the front of the Overture Center

MADISON, Wis. — Overture Center for the Arts sustained significant damage to the building on Friday and Saturday nights, according to a release.

Overture Center for the Arts officials said in the release that on Friday, a hit-and-run driver missed the curve on the corner of Dayton and State streets and drove into the building. On Saturday, a group of individuals broke into the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art Gift Shop, damaged several windows of the Overture Center and spray-painted graffiti across the exterior of the building.

The release said the cause of Friday’s crash is not clear. Several people saw the car missing the corner and going through the building. The car went through a window, damaged a door and damaged some of the stone masonry near the front entrance.

The driver drove away and has not been found. Madison police said the car was described as a black sedan, possibly a Ford Taurus.

Overture’s facilities team boarded up the windows Saturday after looking at the damage.

Approximately 30 individuals broke into the MMoCA Gift Shop Saturday, the release said. The individuals did not gain further access to MMoCA, which is a separate entity from Overture Center. MMoCA’s Gift Shop was one of 75 businesses looted or damaged Saturday night during a violent protest that followed a peaceful protest.

No one was injured during either incident. The release said it is too early to determine the losses or the cost of all repairs.

Several volunteers removed the graffiti from the building.

“The executive team noted that it was a very positive experience to see so many people pulling together to clean up the chaos from the night before,” the release said. “Although there was some activity on State Street Sunday night, the building did not sustain any additional damage.”

Donations to Overture can be made here. Donations to MMoCA can be made here.