Outside jury to hear trial of uncle charged in murders

Armin Wand III, convicted in death of kids, to be witness for county
Outside jury to hear trial of uncle charged in murders
Jeremy Wand in Lafayette County court

The judge in the case of man charged with murder and arson in a fatal Argyle, Wis., fire said the jury will come from out of the county.

At a hearing Friday afternoon, Judge Thomas Vale said the jury selected for Jeremy L. Wand’s trial will come from outside Lafayette County. Selection will begin July 12, Vale said. Prosecutors at the hearing said Wand’s brother, Armin Wand III, will be a witness against Jeremy Wand.

Eighteen-year-old Wand appeared in Lafayette County Court Friday afternoon wearing a protective vest. Wand, charged with seven felonies including first-degree murder and arson.

The fire last September killed Jeremy Wand’s three nephews, ages 3, 5 and 7, as well as his sister-in-law Sharon’s unborn child. Sharon Wand and a 2-year-old daughter survived the fire.

Armin Wand was sentenced April 17 to three life sentences plus 140 years in prison for killing his three young sons and unborn child in the September house fire.

Jeremy Wand is accused of conspiring in the murders for a cut of the insurance money.

As part of the plea agreement Armin Wand took in April, he can be called as a witness in his brother’s trial. In court Friday, prosecutors indicated Armin Wand will be a witness.