Our March 2013 Picks

Our March 2013 Picks

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Ever since the Best of Madison tasting event at October’s Festival of Food, I haven’t been able to get Umami’s spicy tofu buns off my mind. The Willy Street restaurant describes them as “fried tofu with pickled cucumbers, spicy scallion salsa and spicy mayo sauce” but they are so much more than that. Soft, steamed Chinese buns. Perfectly crisped tofu. Hot flavors. Two bites of delicious. umamimadison.com




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This minimalist etching by Suzanne Caporael, a recent release by Madison’s Tandem Press, is satisfyingly sharp. And as with most seemingly simple art, there’s a rich story within. Titled “Montpelier, Ohio,” it’s inspired by the artist’s recollections of a road trip. tandempress.wisc.edu






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Wanderlust can strike any time of year, but isn’t it somehow strongest in spring? Attempt to satisfy it with the latest installment of the Wisconsin Union Theater’s Travel Adventure Film Series, Italy: A Journey to the Amalfi Coast, Rome, Florence and Venice. Screened March 11 and 12 at Union South, the film explores the country’s most scenic and storied locales. uniontheater.wisc.edu





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While I can’t imagine a world without tech-nology (I’m addicted to my iPhone camera and the iPad is perfect for a Pinterest binge), taking a break now and then appeals. So I plan to take part in the fourth annual National Day of Unplugging. The idea is simple: From sunset on March 1 to sunset on March 2, no gadgets. It’s a great excuse to power down the laptop, smartphone and tablet and reconnect with life’s analog pleasures—from books and board games to leisurely meals and face-to-face conversations. sabbathmanifesto.org



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“Wisconsin’s tavern culture stems from the German concept of gemütlichkeit, an almost untranslatable word meaning conviviality, friendliness, coziness and shared good cheer.”

A quote from Bottoms Up: A Toast to Wisconsin’s Historic Bars and Breweries at the Wisconsin Historical Museum. The exhibit’s up through March 23, so consider this the last call. wisconsinhistory.org