Other area cities add to constellation of public art

Middleton, Waunakee and Janesville have new art


Local artists Jenie Gao and Rhea Ewing will complete a vibrant mural on the side of the Middleton Salt building this summer.

Located next to a recycling center, the mural depicts many layers of earth below ground with the theme of “making the invisible visible.” The colorful piece, which was painted in part by local students, also includes birds, flowers, children, insects and a fox.

Commissioned by the city of Middleton, this $60,000 project is funded through the Middleton Arts Commission and by donations from American Girl and other private donors.

WaunakeeOther area cities add to constellation of public art

To honor local students, teachers and staff, the Waunakee Area Public Arts Committee teamed up with community members to install a new sculpture at the high school.

Created by Los Angeles artist Michael Kalish, the piece features five multicolored sets of oversized books that serve as a unique gathering and resting area near the school entrance. More than $100,000 was raised by local residents and businesses for the project.


Permanent and very visible public art is an integral part of an ambitious $10 million revitalization plan for Janesville’s downtown riverfront area currently underway.

Included in the construction plans are an ornate, artist-designed pedestrian footbridge that will span the Rock River near the Town Square and a unique wall honoring donors to the project.

Last year, a large, circular decorative-steel art centerpiece equipped with water jets and different colored lights was installed just off the river. Privately funded, the piece cost $400,000.

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