Orlando massacre is attack on us, result of lack of will to stop violence

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Another act of horrible violence, worse than the last, which was worse than the last, which was worse than the last.

It simply doesn’t end, because we lack the will to end it.

The tenuous connection to the Islamic State complicates things.

The targeting of gay people only deepens our pain and anger. The use of a military-style automatic weapon, so easily available, is infuriating.

But while some of our politicians and others will say otherwise for their own self-serving reasons, this is not about religious ideology, and while it is surely a hate crime it is not simply anti-gay.

This was still another attack on us, on Americans who value diversity and tolerance, who support freedom and open expression especially of love.

It’s another attack on us. And still we will not take the simple steps of sensible gun regulations and controlling our intolerant rhetoric. Meaning there will be more attacks…on us.