Organization helps people with voter ID law

VoteCastr to offer real-time results on Election Day in Wisconsin

A national organization has zeroed in on Wisconsin to help with the first big election since the state’s voter ID law went into effect.

Volunteers with VoteRiders first hit Wisconsin streets back in November with the goal of helping anyone and everyone with questions on how to get to the ballot. Molly McGrath works for the organization and says it’s helped upwards of 4,000 Wisconsin residents since it arrived in the state.

Alan Willard is one of them. He’s a retired resident who keeps an avid eye on politics.

“Voting gives you a chance tro chime in,” he says.

Willard doesn’t drive anymore, and his license has been expired for more than two years. Without one, he had no viable identification to show at the polls and no way to get to the Department of Motor Vehicles to sign up for one. After hearing about VoteRiders, he gave them a call for help – and they helped hook him up with a free cab ride to the DMV for a voter ID.

“When people want you to vote, and they’re willing to put the money up to help you, that’s a big deal,” Willard said.

VoteRiders helped facilitate the ride with help from the Dane County Voter ID Coalition. Together, they struck a deal between the Dane County Clerk’s Office and Union Cabs to provide free rides for people who need an ID to vote.

“Transportation is not going to be a hurdle from getting anyone to the ballot box, here in Dane County anyway,” McGrath said.

The organization is still receiving calls one day before the election – and they’re fine with that.

“16 percent of Wisconsin voters don’t think they need an ID to vote, or aren’t sure,” McGrath said.  “Those 16 percent will be calling me tomorrow, I hope. And I hope we can help them.”

If you have questions about the voter ID law, you can contact VoteRiders at 608-729-7220 or at .