Oregon woman shares concerns over recent crashes, aims to provide small solution

OREGON, Wis. — Recent incidents involving vehicles, pedestrians, and bikers have caused one woman in Oregon to be vocal about safety and take action.

Laura Beutel says she was driving down Lincoln Road this morning when she nearly hit a jogger who was wearing dark clothing.

That close call inspired her to take action.

Beutel wrote on Facebook that she will buy a bag of reflective vests and put them out for people to wear.

She says this is her small way of making sure people know about the dangerous encounters that can happen with drivers, joggers and bikers.

“My son is a jogger who jogs out there,” said Beutel. “I thought ‘Oh my gosh… that could have been him.’ And I don’t want that to be anyone’s son or anyone’s family member.”

Last week, a 71-year-old bicyclist was hit and killed while riding on John Nolen Drive early in the morning. Beutelreferenced his death, among others, in her post.

Bicyclist killed in crash on John Nolen Dr., police investigating

Additionally, Columbia County sheriff’s deputies arrested a woman Tuesday who they said struck a bicyclist with her vehicle and drove away.

Woman arrested in hit and run crash that seriously injured bicyclist in Lodi

Though Beutel’s small contribution isn’t the only solution to this problem, she says this is just one way to make sure people know about the problem and keep others safe.

“Maybe just seeing the vests will remind everyone to be careful and remind walkers, joggers runners,” said Beutel. “I think as adults, we tell our kids to do that, but then we think we are invincible when we get bigger and grown up. I just hope it’ll do something.”

Beutel says she plans to put a couple dozen reflective vests near Lincoln Road on Oregon’s far south side for people to use.