Oregon girls soccer hopes to head to state

Oregon girls soccer hopes to head to state

The Oregon girls soccer team hasn’t lost a game this season, but the Panthers won’t be satisfied until they win it all.

Senior Kelsey Jahn said the goal is pretty simple.

“I want to raise the trophy at the state tournament,” she said.

Earlier this year the team wasn’t really acting like a team, but a trip to Gulf Shores helped turn things around.

“We usually practiced twice a day, we had a game down there,” senior Paityn Fleming said.

The team went to the beach, took a dolphin cruise and even went zip-lining.

Fleming thinks it was a recipe for success.

“I think on and off the field it’s important to get along with your teammates.
I think that’s what we’ve done,” Fleming said.

Four more wins, and Oregon will reach its goal of a state title.