Online social distancing tracker gives the country an F grade

Wisconsin receives an F, as well

The website Unacast is out with its latest report on social distancing across the country, and nearly every state received a failing grade.

Unacast bases its grading system on the following criteria:

  • Percent change in average distance traveled
  • Percent change in non-essential visits
  • Decrease in human encounters

The country as a whole received an F from Unacast, noting it has a less than 25 percent reduction in average mobility, less than 55 percent reduction in non-essential visits and a less than 40 percent decrease in human encounters.


Wisconsin received an F grade from the site, as well, like most other states. That’s down from a D about a month ago, and a B+ in late March.

Unacast breaks down its data by county, too, and nearly every county in the viewing area received either a D or F. Across the state, Trempealeau and Florence counties received the best score at a B-.

Check your county and see how the rest of the country fares here.