One of Madison’s ‘unsung heroes’ retires after 30 years of educating kids

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Like many communities, Madison has a number of citizens whose contributions are known and revered by a small group of people, but largely unrecognized by most.

Debora Gil Casado is one such unsung hero, but her retirement this week after more than 30 years of teaching kids in Madison schools is all the opportunity we need to sing her praises.

Several years ago Community Shares of Wisconsin recognized Gil Casado as a Backyard Hero for, among others things, putting in over a thousand hours – at that time – as a volunteer at Nuestro Mundo, Madison’s first bilingual charter school.

In fact Nuestro Mundo was Gil Casado’s idea and she helped found it.

Nuestro Mundo is one of Madison’s great assets, a bridge-building educational experience for Latino and non-Latino kids. It’s hard to imagine Madison without it now.

So thank you Debora Gil Casado, and enjoy a wonderful retirement.