On Match Day, UW medical students learn where they’ll go through residency

MADISON, Wis. — Friday marked one of the biggest days in the careers of hundreds of aspiring doctors at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Around 200 fourth-year graduating students learned where they will complete their clinical residency programs on what is known as Match Day.

The students will spend the next few years of their lives sharpening their clinical skills and preparing for board exams and licensure.

It was a scene that unfolded not just at UW-Madison but at medical schools across the country.

“We just found out, I got into my number one program,” medical student Joe Archer said. “I’m really excited about it at UIC Medical Family Center.”

Archer wasn’t just excited for himself — he has been at the medical school for six years — he was also paired with his wife, a fourth-year medical student. They did what’s called a couples match, so they will head into their careers together.