‘Old’ Craigslist scam resurfaces in Madison area, police say

Scammer texting Craigslist car seller attempts fraudulent check scam

Police said an old Craigslist scam has resurfaced in the Madison area this week.

Madison police said a real estate agent contacted the department to alert citizens that someone pirated information about a home he listed for sale on Starker Avenue and posted the home for rent on Craigslist.

The real estate agent said the rent price requested by the scam artist is much below market value.

Police said that in similar cases, criminals try to get people seeking deals on housing to send money out of state. The scammers “typically claim they are out of town for one reason or another.”

In the Starker Avenue case, it appeared that some people looking to rent the property drove by and saw that it was listed for sale. They contacted the real estate agent, who then called police.