Occupy Madison residents move on to new site

28 people moved to county park on Northport Drive
Occupy Madison residents move on to new site

The Occupy Madison movement on East Washington Avenue has ended, but the city’s eviction notice has prompted another tent city to emerge.

After being asked to leave the east Madison site no later than 3 p.m. Sunday, 28 people from the group have now moved on to a location on Madison’s north side, Lake View Hill County Park on Northport Drive.

The group said their intent is to raise awareness of the needs of the homeless.

Nearby residents said they respect the movement, but are looking to the city for a permanent solution.

“The bottom line is these people need a place to go, and the government hasn’t been finding any solutions to that, and I think that’s sad,” said homeowner Maria Powell. “I think nobody should be homeless. And I think the city, the county, they need to come up with a solution.”

Those moving in to the park said their goal was not to cause any trouble for surrounding residents.

“I’m sorry that some of the homeowners are going to be a little upset, but I really doubt many of us here are going to do anything to jeopardize their homes,” said Ron Kamin.

Madison police said decisions regarding the status of the new tent city will be made in the near future.