‘Obstructionists anyway’: Beloit parents react to resignations of 3 school board members

‘Obstructionists anyway’: Beloit parents react to resignations of 3 school board members

A whirlwind of controversy leaves three open seats on the Beloit School Board of Education. This comes after only four board members held a special meeting Tuesday night to discuss conduct of the board president.

The #Beloit school district is holding a special meeting Saturday to fill vacant seats on their board of education after three members quit at a Tuesday meeting. Hear what parents are saying tonight at 5 and 6 on #news3 pic.twitter.com/RUV7CMz79j

— Jamie Perez (@JamiePerezTV) July 6, 2018

Parents of former students (who didn’t want to be seen on camera or identified by name) say these recent events aren’t surprising.

“Since this current board has been in place, the three that quit were obstructionists anyway,” a parent said.

“We pulled our kids out of the school district in Beloit simply because of the decisions of the board. They don’t do anything on bullying, they don’t want to, it seems like they want to segregate more than unite the students,” a parent said.

According to a current board member, unfriendly email exchanges between the president and interim superintendent sparked the special meeting in the first place.

“My first opinion was, those who quit or left, they just show where they stand. They don’t want to fight for what’s right for the kids and the community. Those that stayed, they have the function to fight for what’s right,” the parent added.

Not only does the district now have to find a permanent superintendent, they need to fill the seats of president, vice president and treasurer.

“As much as I like to see them gone now — and maybe we can get people in who really want to take care of our students and be good stewards of taxpayer funds, it makes me as a citizen question why were those people in there to begin with when they quit so willingly at the first sign of trouble,” the parent said. “I’m just happy they’re gone and I hope the board does its diligence in putting three new board members in place that will put the interests of our kids first.”