O’Brien the wildcard for the Badgers in 2012

Maryland transfer fighting for starting spot
O’Brien the wildcard for the Badgers in 2012

If there’s one thing that intrigues Badger football fans about the upcoming season, it’s probably quarterback Danny O’Brien.

Last year, the Badgers struck it rich when Russell Wilson came out of nowhere (actually, North Carolina) and led the Badgers to the Rose Bowl.

One thing fans have to get out of their minds right now– Danny O’Brien is not Russell Wilson. But he’s trying his best to make Madison his new home.

“Any transition is going to have its challenges of being the new guy and meeting people,” O’Brien said. “But I’ll tell you what, coming here has been as smooth of a transition as ever you know.”

Wilson could make plays with his arm or his feet. O’Brien is probably more of a Scott Tolzien type quarterback. But the first priority for O’Brien is getting to be the Badgers starting quarterback.

“The coaches have been great and up front since day 1, so I walked into excactly what I thought I was and that made it really easy for me,” said O’Brien. “The last two years I had had a lot of success, but also a lot of tough times that makes you learn from both of them.

“From the O line to the running backs to the receivers the chemistry stand point being here for two months has helped me a whole lot,” said O’Brien. “You know pressure is something you can kinda embrace or fear and I kinda embrace.”

Right now, O’Brien is in a battle with Curt Phillips and Joel Stave for the starting job.