Nursing Group To Discuss Limiting Nurses’ Hours

The Wisconsin Nursing Coalition in on Jan. 25 will hold a discussion about whether to limit the hours a nurse can work.

The decision comes after the death of a patient at St. Mary’s Hospital due to a nurse’s medication error.

There are currently no such regulations, and some are concerned about fatigue. Others said that maintaining continuity between caregiver and patient improves the quality of care.

“We would take the position that each individual nurse best (knows) when they can work a set of hours or not. There are certainly circumstances in which hospitals really need the flexibility to say to someone, ‘We need, for safe patient care, to keep you here,” said Judy Warmuth of the Wisconsin Hospital Association.

Former St. Mary’s nurse Julie Thao had worked back-to-back shifts totaling 16 hours, and then returned the next morning at 7 a.m. on July 5, the day Jasmine Gant died at the hospital.

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