No snow emergency for Madison, but travel still discouraged tonight as strong winds may create whiteout conditions

Snow Driving Downtown Madison
WISC-TV/Channel 3000

MADISON, Wis. — The City of Madison’s Streets Division says a snow emergency will not be declared in Madison but it is still asking people to avoid parking on the street overnight as they begin plowing every road in the city.

Crews have been working through the day and night to keep the city’s main roads clear, but officials say all Madison streets will begin being plowed starting at midnight Friday morning.

Until then, crews will continue focusing on high-traffic and high-speed roads, plowing and applying sand as needed. City crews are not using salt on Thursday as temperatures have dropped below the point where salt is effective.

Officials are expecting travel conditions to get worse Thursday afternoon and evening — even as the snow stops falling — due to increasing winds blowing the day’s light snow across roads and greatly reducing visibility. Routes that had been plowed earlier in the day may quickly become snow-covered again due to the winds.

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The city is still urging people to stay off the roads Thursday night, but if you need to travel, officials say you need to be patient and alert. While crews will begin work removing the snow overnight, they anticipate it being a long and difficult process due to the wind.

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