No injuries after carbon monoxide alarm sounds

Driver pinned in north Madison rollover wreck

Madison firefighters responded to a carbon monoxide alarm Friday afternoon in the 200 block of Langdon Street, according to a release.

The Madison Fire Department said they evacuated the remaining three to four occupants, and found that a malfunctioning commercial-grade gas stove in the basement kitchen was the source of the CO gas. The stove was not being used at the time of the incident.

The fire department said occupants had no ill effects from the CO, and no one was transported to the hospital. Firefighters shut off gas to the stove, and notified MGE who also responded. The house was ventilated with a blower fan.

According to the release, firefighters’ measured the CO at 80 parts per million (ppm) on the third floor of the house, and 110-120 ppm near the stove. An alarm on the second floor sounded at 2:25 p.m., but an inoperable alarm in the basement did not. 

The fire department said CO becomes toxic for healthy adults when its above 35 ppm with an exposure for over eight hours. Symptoms like headaches, dizziness, drowsiness and/or vomiting can occur from over-exposure.