News 3 Delivers ‘Recipe For Health’ Special Wednesday

One in three children is overweight or obese. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls childhood obesity an epidemic with no clear solution.

On Wednesday night, News 3 presents a new, one-hour primetime special entitled “Recipe for Health,” which looks at the state of the problem in southwestern Wisconsin. The program also examines what local physicians, health care workers, and families are doing and can do to curb our kids’ growing waistlines. The show will share advice that families can use to make and maintain healthy lifestyle choices.

The scheduled segments for the special include:

KYLIE’S STORY:One Madison family hopes to not only shed light on the ups and downs of the challenging journey toward health and fitness, but also to inspire other families with the message that small changes over time can translate to big success. Andy Choi talks to Kylie Wharton, her family, and her pediatrician as she begins a new school year.

LIFE EXPECTANCY:Statistics show that if the epidemic is not reversed, children today may be the first generation to die at a younger age than the generation before them. News 3’s Susan Siman will examine this startling trend, while also profiling a local school program specifically aimed to get kids moving. How can childhood habits — good and bad — last into adulthood, and what are adults doing to counter the problem?

MED SCHOOL STUDENT TRAINING: As the obesity epidemic grows in America, medical professionals are constantly looking for solutions to stem the tide. At the UW School of Medicine and Public Health, there is now a class completely centered around improving the growing problem of childhood obesity.

HEALTHY EATING: Studies show that the entire family, not just the children, has to improve their diet for the situation to improve. But some families think that eating healthy costs more. Is it? How can a healthy diet be made more affordable to families? News 3’s Sarah Carlson goes shopping with a nutrition education specialist to see how much it costs to feed a busy family of four weekday breakfasts and dinners.

CHOCOLATE MILK: Is chocolate milk the new sports drink? It’s a “Good Question” that Marc Lovicott is looking into. What are the pros and cons of drinking chocolate milk vs. white milk? What do parent groups have to say? Is chocolate milk simply too sugary? UW strength and conditioning coach John Dettmann explains why he is an advocate.

A programming note: The repeat episode of “Criminal Minds” that will be preempted on Wednesday night for the “Recipe for Health” special will air late night Wednesday at 12:37 AM, following “The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson.”