New technology turns manure into drinking water in Dane Co.

TOWN OF SPRINGFIELD, Wis. — Dane County is turning cow manure into drinking water.

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi along with AQUA Innovations, GL Dairy Biogas and three local dairy farms cut the ribbon on new technology that turns manure into drinkable water.

The nutrient concentration system cleans manure through a series of ultafiltration and reverse osmosis filters before discharging the remaining clean water into Pheasant Branch Creek, according to the release.

“Out of one pipe you get a nutrient concentration that can be used and applied where necessary and reduces the need for additional fertilizers,” said County Executive Parisi.

“On the other end, just down the stream behind us, there is clean water that comes out that is cleaner than the water that is in there right now,” said Parisi.

The $1.6 million project is located in the Town of Springfield.

According to a release, the community nutrient concentration system is believed to the first in the United States.