New program expands access to mental health coverage

2017 county budget focuses on environment, mental health, heroin epidemic
Dane County Executive Joe Parisi

County Executive Joe Parisi announced a new program Tuesday that will provide more access to mental health coverage for people living in Dane County.

The program, called the new Comprehensive Community Services program, is a Medicaid benefit that offers a number of services for people with mental health or substances abuse needs.

Parisi said they are expecting the demand for the program to be high.

“This is going to mean that people who don’t have access to mental health services will now have access to those services,” Parisi said. “It will mean more providers will be able to provide those services that people need and want, and help us get on the front end, plus prevent people from having even more serious problems.”

CCS is a federal- and state-funded benefit that offers an array of individualized, community-based psychosocial rehabilitation services, according to a release.

So far, more than 25 agencies and 200 community professionals have applied to be providers.