New Marquette poll: Joe Biden maintains steady lead over President Trump

The latest Marquette Law School poll released Thursday finds former Vice President Joe Biden with a 5 point lead over President Donald Trump. Polling at 46% to Trump’s 41% support among likely voters, the lead is similar to poll results throughout the year. In August, Biden was polling at 47% among likely voters to Trump’s 43%.

“There’s very little variation there, and people are very strong in their views,” poll director Charles Franklin noted of the difference between both candidates over the course of several polls.

The poll was conducted from September 30 through October 4 among 805 registered voters in Wisconsin, and has a margin of error of +/- 4.2 points. Five items were added after President Trump tested positive for COVID-19, which were asked of 355 registered voters.

A 2-to-1 majority of voters said they also thought Biden did a better job in last week’s debate than President Trump. Candidates talked over each other and interrupted so much that the non-partisan Commission on Presidential Debates has committed to changing the rules for the two upcoming debates.

A majority of people (52%) in Wisconsin say in-person rallies should stop. Governor Ever’s mask mandate continues to be popular among registered voters, with 72% saying they favored it (up from 69% in August.) Just 26% of responders said they did not favor the mandate, which is currently facing legal challenges. Even before the mandate, the Marquette Law School poll found that mask wearing in public had majority support.

Read the complete results here.