New Glarus Spotted Cow spotted outside Wisconsin

New Glarus Spotted Cow spotted outside Wisconsin

New Glarus’ famed Spotted Cow beer was spotted being sold outside Wisconsin, and a Minnesota bar owner is in trouble.

The bar owner is in trouble because it’s illegal to sell the New Glarus beer outside the state.

Undercover officers caught the owner selling the beer last week.

Six kegs were seized, with the bar owner apparently buying them across the border in Hudson, but owners at the craft brewery are thrilled to hear people love their beer that much.

“It’s hugely flattering. I mean, it’s kind of funny because there was a little bit of a Facebook thing where somebody was like, ‘Why would New Glarus do this?’ You think I would turn in someone who’s buying my beer? That’s crazy! I’m going to write the guy a thank-you note,” New Glarus Brewery owner Deb Carey said.

The Minnesota bar owner could face felony resale charges.

He told local media bringing the beer into Minnesota was “a mistake.”