Nehlen, Ryan campaigns urge supporters to vote Tuesday

Nehlen, Ryan campaigns urge supporters to vote Tuesday

Republican congressional candidate Paul Nehlen urged voters to head to the polls Tuesday to support him in his bid to replace U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan.

At a campaign event in Janesville Saturday, Nehlen contrasted himself with Ryan, saying Nehlen wouldn’t send a single job overseas.

“I brought jobs back from other counties, but I can’t bring them back fast enough. As fast as Paul Ryan can get rid of them,” Nehlen said.

He also called on supporters to make his case, including conservative commentator Ann Coulter, Hollywood director Ron Maxwell and 9/11 emergency responder Phil Kershner.

Coulter joked that Donald Trump “choked out” his endorsement of Ryan at a rally in Green Bay Friday.

“Paul Ryan said he never wanted to be speaker of the house, so I’d like him to achieve that goal,” she said.

Several of Ryan’s supporters from the Rock County Republican Party made phone calls reminding people of the upcoming election and encouraging them to vote, party Chairperson Beth Schmidt said.

Even though Ryan is polling ahead, they won’t stop working until the last person votes on Tuesday, she said.

“We don’t go by polls. We’re working and we’re going to continue to work until Tuesday,” Schmidt said. “I don’t believe you ever back off. I just believe that you’re just out there working till the end.”