National Selfie Day: McDonald’s gives away Fryluses

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From McDonald's
McDonald's gave away Fryluses for National Selfie Day, June 21, with a Quarter Pounder purchase. The fry-shaped stylus is supposed to allow users to take mess-free selfies.

To mark National Selfie Day, select McDonald’s locations are giving away a selfie accessory called the Frylus.

Participating locations are handing out the Fryluses with a purchase of a Quarter Pounder or Double Quarter Pounder on Thursday.

The company said about 2,000 locations will be giving away the 100,000 Fryluses, and the accessory will be available while supplies last.

The Frylus, which is yellow and shaped like a french fry, is like a stylus to push buttons on a smartphone to take “mess-free selfies,” USA Today reported.

McDonald’s recently revamped its Quarter Pounder burgers to feature 100% fresh beef. They are now cooked when ordered.