Nation Awaits Decisions Of Undecided As Iowa Caucus Nears

The 2012 U.S. presidential race kicks into a higher gear this week as the Iowa caucus is held on Tuesday.

The nation is keeping a watchful eye on Tuesday?s results of the Republican caucus as the votes of the so-called “undecided” should give major clues as to how the rest of the 2012 campaign will progress.

Bryce Lee, of Marshalltown, Iowa, and his 8-year-old daughter Clara made their third campaign stop on Sunday.

“It?s just kind of her and I, our little deal that we do together,” said Lee.

“I thought I could show my class that I’ve got to meet presidential candidates,” said Clara.

Coming prepared with a book by Calista Gingrich, a camera, and well-researched notes, the trip is more than just a civics lesson for the third grader.

“I haven?t made any decisions yet,” said Bryce Lee, “but I’ve kind of got my favorites and I would love to hear each and everyone speak and stand in front of a group and answer questions that are asked, but that may not be possible.”

As Newt Gingrich makes a stop at a packed Marshalltown sports bar, some of those in attendance might be sporting Gingrich stickers, but their minds aren’t necessarily made up yet.

“We’re kind of undecided yet, we’re between (Mitt) Romney and Newt Gingrich,? said Julaine Duimstra. “So, we just wanted to see Newt, plus I have always wanted to meet him anyway.”

At the stop, the former speaker of the House greets the crowd and notes that a recent Des Moines Register poll showed more than 40 percent of Iowa voters are still undecided.

“I think this is a volatile environment where people are going to walk in undecided or semi- decided and maybe as many as 50 percent could switch during the course of the caucus,” said Gingrich. “So I think it is just going to be wide open.”

Clara?s report back to class will include a signature and a smile from the presidential hopeful.

Her dad?s homework still isn?t done.

“I don?t know all about Iowa, but I can speak for myself,” said Bryce Lee. “I sure haven?t made my mind up yet. I just need a little bit more time.”

Candidates have a marathon day scheduled for Monday as they will crisscross the state in hopes of affecting those last minute decisions at the ballot box.