Mysterious issue with key fobs, garage door openers solved

Key fobs, garage door openers mysteriously stop working
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Key fobs, garage door openers stop working in Ohio neighborhood.

The mysterious issue with key fobs and garage door openers in North Olmsted, Ohio, has been solved, according to North Olmsted City Councilman Chris Glassburn.

For several weeks, North Olmsted residents reported their electronic key fob devices and garage door openers had stopped working. Visitors also had issues when they entered the area.

Glassburn began an investigation assisted by Fairview Park councilmen Angelo Russo and Michel Kilbane.

Initially, First Energy went to the neighborhood with sophisticated equipment to try to pinpoint the source of the problem. Following those efforts, the investigating team went door-to-door to try to solve the problem.

The team discovered the cause of the issue was a custom, man-made device inside of a resident’s home. The device, which was not described in detail but stated to have run on a “battery backup,” was identified and disabled.

The device was not created with malicious intent and the resident who built the device has agreed not to create another one in the future, according to Glassburn.

Glassburn thanked the local safety departments, community members and crews that assisted in solving the unusual issue.