MWU: Results show radium levels in two wells dropped

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Radium levels at two Madison water wells have dropped back into a federally accepted range, according to a Madison Water Utility release.

In April, MWU reported they would retest Well 19 on Lake Mendota Drive and Well 27 on North Randall Ave. after results showed levels of radium slightly exceeded the federal maximum contaminant level.

According to the release, retest results showed Well 19 has a radium level of 4.1 picocuries per liter down from 5.3 and Well 27  has a radium level of 4.0 picocuries per liter down from 5.7. The federal maximum contaminant level is 5 picocuries per liter.

MWU will continue to test the wells’ radium levels quarterly. According to the release, results would have to be consistently above the federal maximum contaminant level for at least a year for the water to violate federal health standards.

MWU said it expects the well water from these wells to remain “well within federal guidelines for radium.”