Musicians spread out across Madison as part of event celebrating summer

MADISON, Wis. — In just about every corner of Madison Tuesday, music filled the air as part of Make Music Madison.

The event, which is held annually on June 21 in cities across the world, marks the summer solstice. It first began in Madison in 2013, though its roots date back decades to Paris.

“Make Music Day initiated in Paris actually 40 years ago as Fête de la Musique, and it started off as a day to celebrate both the summer solstice and the joy of live music,” said Meri Rose Ekberg, the Madison event’s managing director.

It also came out of this ethos about kind of bringing the community together on the summer solstice, so that’s why it’s every June 21 despite the day of the week,” she added.

Musician Stefan Hall of Marisa and Stefan said the performances are for the community, not just the artist.

“We did this so that we can share with other people,” he said. “Sharing music, food, ideas, that’s the important thing.”

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Photojournalist Chris “Bubba” Hawbaker contributed to this report.