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Mt. Horeb’s Dream Team
Mt horeb dental staff

Dr. Amanda Hatch, D.D.S.; Dr. Brittany Burger, D.D.S.; Dr. Caitlin Kudlata, D.D.S. and Dr. Eric Reigle, D.D.S.

“I believe we are fire starters. There is an art to igniting the light in others, and it needs to come from a genuine place,” says Dr. Amanda Hatch. Mt. Horeb Dental has assembled a tremendous tribe of folks who have totally stepped into their individual passions for life. From its extraordinary assistants to its passionate patient care coordinators, from its hardworking hygienists to its dedicated dentists, each and every one of the dream team members is doing exactly what they are meant to do. There truly is something intoxicating about witnessing people step into their field of excellence that will trigger a reminder within your spirit that you are meant for greatness, too! It is unfortunately a rarity to find a dental office, or any business for that matter, that packs this big of a positive punch. So get excited — whether you are looking for family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, root canals, gum therapy or oral surgery, the House of Floss has it all! Dr. Burger says, “We use dentistry to improve people’s lives by solving common issues (such as discolored, damaged or crooked teeth) and improving overall health and self-perception. A healthy smile can change the way you walk through life, and so can the people you choose to surround yourself with!”

At A Glance:
Years in practice:
Dr. Hatch: 13 years Dr. Burger: 10 years Dr. Kudlata: 10 years Dr. Reigle: 7 years

What our patients say: “I wish that the rest of the healthcare system was this incredible at patient care. They make me feel like I’m the most important thing in the world during my visits. These folks genuinely care not only about my health, but me as a human.”

Location: 115 N. Brookwood Dr., Mount Horeb, 608-437-5519,

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