Mr. Touchdown: Ingold wants to shine at the combine

Fullback scored 21 career TD at Wisconsin

Former Badgers fullback Alec Ingold was the 2014 Wisconsin high school player of the year as a quarterback for Bay Port. He started his college career as a linebacker before he was moved to fullback.

The rest is touchdown history.

Ingold scored 21 touchdowns in 117 touches in four seasons. This year, he was only the fullback invited to the NFL Scouting Combine. Most NFL teams don’t feature fullbacks as a large part of their offense, but the lack of numbers doesn’t seem to bother Ingold.

“Fullbacks is kinda dying off a little bit, but the ones that are sticking around really make an impact on their team.” Alec said at Thursday’s media scrum in Indianapolis. “I feel like being able to influence a game with a few amount of reps is really what I’m trying to do. That’s what I did my whole career at Wisconsin, so just carrying that all the way through to the NFL.”

Ingold said he has a finance job waiting for him at Oracle, but he’d like to put the “real world” job on hold as long as possible. The NFL Scouting Combine runs through Monday.