MPD: Woman cited for loud music describes neighbors as ‘Scrooge-like’

MPD: Woman cited for loud music describes neighbors as ‘Scrooge-like’
Jackie Whitacker

A Madison woman was arrested Saturday morning after police responded to her residence for a second noise complaint from neighbors the woman described as being “Scrooge-like,” police said.

Officers responded to the 10 block of Andrew Way around 9:10 p.m. for a noise complaint, according to a release.

Officers could hear the sound of loud music playing and talked with 39-year-old Jackie Whitacker about lowering the volume, police said. Officers told her about noise ordinances, and she assured police they would not need to return because it wasn’t a big deal and her neighbors were being “Scrooge-like.”

Around 12:35 a.m. on Saturday, officers got a second call about loud music at Whitacker’s residence, and when officers talked with her they noted a strong odor of alcohol, according to the release. Officers could hear loud base vibrations and decided there was no other alternative than to cite Whitacker for a noise violation.

Whitacker reportedly took issue with the citation, and officers eventually tried to arrest her, but she started physically resisting and pulling away from officers, officials said.

While police were trying to arrest Whitacker, angry family members ran at and surrounded police, according to the release. The crowd started swearing at officers, but Whitacker was eventually arrested on a tentative charge of resisting a police officer and cited for a city noise ordinance violation.