Mount Horeb Fall Village Market kickstarts woodworking career

MOUNT HOREB, Wis. — Sunday marked Mount Horeb’s fourth annual Fall Village Market. It provided local vendors with a platform to feed their passion.

“Vendors who have sort of handmade and vintage items, but what really kind of sets it apart from our other events is that you can grab a cocktail or a drink with you and then meander through the vendors, as well as our downtown,” said Rachel Lacasse-Ford, Mount Horeb Chamber of Commerce’s Executive Director.

For Brian Knoche, in many ways, he stumbled into this side gig.

“I just started kind of doing some woodworking in the garage and my family said why don’t you try to sell the stuff,” the Owner of BKustom Woodworking & Metalworks said. 

That push from his family inspired him to attend his first event to sell his art.

“I started the BK Custom Woodworking out of my garage, trying to get my kids outside, get them into using their hands and you know, enjoying kind of spending time with their dad,” he said.

“I never thought he could do something like it because when I saw the first time he did, I was like, I was shocked because it was so fantastic,” His daughter Jillian, who helps him craft his art, said.  “He can do anything he wants.”