Motorists advised to be alert for deer activity

Two deer

MADISON, Wis. — Individuals should expect to see more deer activity during May and June as female deers are looking for places to give birth and young deer separate from their parents.

Officials with the Department of Motor Transportation and Division of State Patrol ask motorists to be cautious for deer along roadways.

“The best thing motorists can do to protect themselves and avoid hitting a deer is buckle up, slow down and scan the road ahead carefully,” said David Pabst, Director of WisDOT’s Bureau of Transportation Safety.

A release said crashes between deer and motor vehicles peak in the fall, but the May and June period is when motorists are most likely to be injured.

Last year there were 18,408 reported deer and vehicle crashes in Wisconsin. There were 555 injuries and nine fatalities. Dane County had the most reported crashes.

To avoid deer crashes and eliminate injuries, officials recommend slowing down, buckling up and eliminating distractions. Deer are also most active in early morning and evening hours.

If you see one deer, there are likely more coming. If you can’t avoid a collision, brake firmly and stay in your lane. Motorcyclists should slow down, brake firmly and swerve if necessary, but should try to stay within the lane to avoid hitting anything else.