More damage to State Street businesses, several stores to temporarily close

MADISON, Wis. — Several businesses in downtown Madison will remain closed on Monday following a weekend of violent demonstrations along the city’s popular walking mall.

Some businesses, like Under Armour and Ragstock, were damaged both Saturday and Sunday nights.


Both stores were boarded up early Sunday morning by employees and volunteers in hopes of preventing additional damage following Saturday’s violence.

Part of the plywood covering Ragstock was pushed in sometime Sunday night or early Monday morning. Displays, shelves and merchandise were destroyed and thrown around the store.


Security guards said several people were seen looting inside Under Armour overnight. Damage is visible on both the first and second floor of the building.

Insignia was another store that saw significant damage on Saturday.  The store is closing until its safe to reopen.

In all, 75 State Street businesses were damaged Saturday night.