Monona Terrace jumper fined more than $700

Citations mailed to Madison man
Monona Terrace jumper fined more than $700

A man who was seen jumping off Monona Terrace into Lake Monona in a YouTube video is facing citations and fines.

Madison police said Steven A. Hoeg, 25, of Madison, was mailed citations for trespassing and drinking alcohol on public property. An officer investigated the man’s identity after the video was posted and Monona Terrace staff contacted police last week.

The fines for the citations total $732, according to a release from Monona Terrace. A release from Monona Terrace said Hoeg admitted to the charges.

Monona Terrace spokesperson Fran Puleo said there is a city ordinance that makes standing on the ledge a finable offense, because it is trespassing to go past the railing on the rooftop.

Puleo said building officials are disheartened by the incident and want to discourage anyone from doing it. There are cameras and a railing with no-trespassing signs on the rooftop, but Puleo said the incident may be a catalyst for looking into additional safety precautions.

In 2007 two teenagers who jumped off the same ledge were fined $400 each.