Monona police release body camera footage from handcuffing incident

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MONONA, Wis. — Monona officials have released body camera footage from a Tuesday incident that led to police officers handcuffing a 23-year-old black man in the home he was renting after police received a tip about a “suspicious person.”

The footage shows two police officers entering the home with their guns drawn before one officer handcuffed the victim. A short time later, officers took the handcuffs off the man once they had found out he was staying there with the owner’s permission.

City leaders said the woman who initially called the police mentioned the man was black. Officials said that information was not relayed to the responding officers.

After the incident, the victim filed a formal complaint with the Monona Police Department.

Monona Arrest Body Cam Still

In a statement released Wednesday, Monona city leaders said they plan to use the incident as a moment to reflect on and analyze the police department’s policies for responding to similar calls.

“We sincerely apologize for the distress this situation caused the resident, and we take it seriously,” the statement reads. “We cannot begin to understand the frustration caused by this situation but know that it is our responsibility as elected officials to put in the work to do so.”

The incident came during a major moment of unrest in the U.S. as cities around the country, including Madison, have had nearly daily protests speaking out against police violence in the wake of the killing of George Floyd.