Monona Grove, La Follette HS students take part in pro-choice walkout

MONONA, Wis. — Students from two Dane County high schools took part in a pro-choice walkout Thursday amid a heightened national debate about abortion rights.

The walkout comes a week and a half after the leak of a draft U.S. Supreme Court opinion from earlier this year indicating the court may be poised to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision protecting a woman’s right to an abortion.

Students from Monona Grove and Madison La Follette high schools walked roughly a mile from their schools to Monona Grove district offices to show their support for abortion rights.

“We’re here to say to the school and to the district and just to our officials that we do believe that we have rights over our own bodies, and we’re using our own power of togetherness and coming together as a walkout to show that,” Monona Grove senior Mari Garey said.

The group argued that despite not being able to vote, they believe they have a right to make their voices heard.

The demonstration comes three days after dozens of students at Oregon High School left class to stage a walkout in the school’s parking lot.