MMSD superintendent says Joint Finance motion puts up barriers

MMSD superintendent says Joint Finance motion puts up barriers

Madison Metropolitan School District Superintendent Jennifer Cheatham said a motion from the Joint Finance Committee that would authorize the UW System to create independent charter schools is an “alarming sign” of the Legislature prioritizing private schools and politics over public education.

Under a Republican-backed proposal from the Legislature’s budget committee, the University of Wisconsin System would be able to authorize independent charter schools in Madison and Milwaukee.

“This proposal would create an unelected charter school authorizer who would have unilateral authority to create charter schools in our community and require us to pay for those schools on top of what we will be required to pay for private school vouchers,” Cheatham said in a release.

Cheatham said she worries the motion would harm public schools by draining resources and prioritizing private and independent charter schools, which she says have “no consistent record of improving education for children.”

“We have skilled staff, an engaged community and excellent students. We are incredibly determined, and we are making progress on behalf of all children,” Cheatham said. “But at every step of the way, the legislature puts more barriers in our way and makes our jobs more difficult.”