MMSD, MPD still working to ID person who made threats against Madison West High School

MADISON, Wis. – Madison Police say detectives are still working to find the person responsible for making threats against Madison West High School earlier this week.

In a Snapchat shared with News 3 Now, the individual wrote:

“My revenge has come. West High School, I despise your students and culture and on May 17 I will seek revenge,” the post reads. “You can cancel school or add security that date, but that won’t stop me. I’ll simply Do it on another day … unannounced.”

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Madison Metropolitan School District Spokesperson Tim Lemonds said the district was first made aware of the post Monday May 10, and says the district has since been working with MPD and Snapchat Representatives to resolve the issue.

Clearly anyone who sees the message can understand the seriousness of it. It was alarming,” Lemonds said. “The school district, we take the safety of our students, staff and families as top priority. Clearly, we’re taking the language used in this post very seriously.”

As of Wednesday Morning, MPD says they have no update to provide – but confirmed they were working with Snapchat to try and track the user.

Lemonds says there will be no changes to Madison West scheduling on May 17 – as the district had already planned to hold a virtual learning day.

“Incidents like this do take time, and it’s not something that we can get information from Snapchat or Facebook overnight,” Lemonds said. “It takes time, unfortunately. We’ll continue to work with the city of Madison’s police department and share with them information – we just ask for everyone’s patience as we sift through all of this information and hope to address it with whoever is behind it.”