MMSD closes school building for possible COVID-19 exposure

MADISON, Wis. — A Madison school building is being shut down after a group of people started feeling COVID-like symptoms.

In an e-mail to parents overnight, the principals for Orchard Ridge Elementary and Toki Middle Schools said their building would be quarantined for at least two weeks starting Friday, October 16th.

The principals say the decision was made by MMSD administrators and health staff as a precautionary measure.

Staff and families who were a part of MSCR Cares program or received other services at Orchard Ridge Elementary and Toki middle have already been notified of the building shutdown and given more detailed information about symptom screening.

While classes are being held virtually to start the school year, the buildings were still open to staff and students for a number of programs, including MSCR Cares. Orchard Ridge Elementary and Toki Middle Schools will be closed until at least November 2nd.