Mixture claims to eliminate yellow armpit stains

Mixture claims to eliminate yellow armpit stains

I’ve come to realize some topics on this blog might not be things people like to talk about in public. For example, last week I tested a DIY foot soak for dry feet and this week I’m testing a mixture to get rid of those pesky yellow armpit stains on white T-shirts. Well as long as I keep finding DIY suggestions for these odd topics I will keep talking about and test them!

As much as we don’t like to admit it, I’m sure everyone has some workout or under shirts that they’d like to see restored to their original whiteness under their arms. I have a couple old T-shirts I wear to the gym all the time that are getting pretty gross looking, so a post on Pinterest claiming to get rid of the stains with a simple mixture and a regular load of laundry sounded great.

The post says to mix one part Dawn dish washing liquid and two parts hydrogen peroxide. You’re supposed to mix it together, sprinkle some baking soda on the yellow spot and pour some of the mixture on top. Then you use a scrubby brush to work the mixture into the stain for a few minutes. With the addition of the baking soda the mixture fizzes a little and starts to absorb into the material. After scrubbing for a little while I tossed the shirts into a regular load of laundry.

I did three white shirts and a grey shirt because the original post said it also works on dark discolorations on colored shirts. After the regular laundry load and time in the dryer I pulled out my shirts and examined them. I was expecting a miracle so the results were a little disappointing. The discoloration on the grey shirt didn’t get any better, but the white shirts were better. The yellow discoloration wasn’t completely gone, but it was significantly less noticeable.

Pinterest do or don’t? As long as your expectations aren’t to completely get rid of the stains on the first try, this is a good option to try. The process is definitely easy enough and cheap enough to try a couple of times to get your desired outcome. Maybe my stains were too hardcore for the mixture to work the first time! The next time I wear these four shirts I will try the mixture again and see if a second attempt continues to fight the yellow discoloration into submission!