Millennials show how voting can be done right

Millennials show how voting can be done right

The Millennial Generation is the age group least likely to vote. But it is also a creative and entrepreneurial age group and an age group that frankly seems more interested that most of us in how to make our world better.

So, it’s no surprise really that Millennials have come up with a rather ingenious way of helping people, especially fellow Millennials, vote.

It’s called Vote (Mostly) Online, and it is an online service by some local, young entrepreneurs who hang out at the co-working space 100state to help folks who might find democracy more easily on their smartphones get information about registering, learning about candidates, and mailing in a ballot.

The easy-to-follow process is engaging and ends up with a ballot and a stamped-envelope being sent to one’s door to be easily filled out and mailed in. And while it is appropriately aimed at 20 year olds, it’s easy to imagine this online service being invaluable to older adults, people with disabilities, and folks who just need a little something extra to actually participate in an election.

Vote (Mostly) Online is that something extra, and we’ve got smart Madison Millennial’s to thank.