Middleton Police providing new resource for officers

MIDDLETON – Middleton Police officers have a new tool to help them on the job.

Middleton’s Autism and Special Needs Registry is a log that community members can fill out so officers are able to have the necessary information before responding to a crisis. The registry collects things like a recent photograph, a description of the person with special needs, caregiver contact information, behavioral concerns, and favorite locations. All of these make officers’ jobs more effective, especially when a person with disabilities goes missing.

“All that information is readily available to the dispatcher and officers who are responding, so they can begin looking for that missing person rather than waiting around for that information,” said Middleton Police Officer Nick Stroik. “So it’s a quicker response.”

Stroik added the registry isn’t just for autism or special needs, but also Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, or any other mental, physical or developmental disorders.

“There’s one person that we’ve dealt with before where we know when he gets in an excited state of mind, knowing that it’s part of his condition rather than aggressive behavior, allows us to change our approach with him and handle it a bit more appropriately,” Stroik said.

Registration is free and easy to do online. If you’d like to provide information or learn more about the registry, click or tap here.